8 Reasons You Should Get a Custom Cake 

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, baby shower or graduation, it wouldn’t be a party without a cake. Cake is a symbol of celebrating. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations…all special moments are made even sweeter with cake. And while any old cake from the grocery store will do in a pinch, there’s something about having a custom cake that makes an event extra special. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider getting a custom cake for your next big celebration.

1. A custom cake makes your event special 

Nothing really screams “special occasion” like a custom cake. Whether it’s a custom birthday or wedding cake, having a cake not only baked, but designed and created especially for your occasion makes the day even more memorable. A custom cake will also make anyone look and feel like a VIP with a cake designed especially with them in mind. 

2. It’s unique 

With a custom cake you can rest assured no one will have the same cake as you or would have seen the cake before. A custom cake is designed and created just for you and ensures the cake is just as special and unique as the person you’re celebrating. You can choose just about anything – from personalized artwork, custom figurines, and colorful sprinkles, to flora and fondant patterns. It’s all possible thanks to modern technology and creative innovations in the baking industry. For the most impressive creations, our bakers specialize in custom work – they can create edible magic with their hands! Whether you want cartoon characters for a kids’ birthday party, a bouquet of floral decorations for your wedding day, or intricate lettering for a retirement celebration, let your imagination run wild. When it comes to designing cakes, anything is possible – so don’t be afraid to explore your options! There’s no better way to make an occasion truly memorable than with delicious artistry.

3. Custom cakes taste better

At Velvet Lane Cakes, our custom birthday cake or wedding cakes are also tailored to your taste buds and created around any allergies, intolerances and preferences. You will not only choose a custom cake that looks incredible, but also a custom cake that tastes delicious. There’s nothing quite like a custom-made cake for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other social event. The combination of freshly made ingredients, specially chosen decorations and the care taken to create the perfect result can make a cake that tastes as good as it looks. Home-baked cakes tend to have more tender, softer textures than store-bought ones due to the freshness of ingredients and extra time given to baking them just right. The flavor of homemade cakes also stands out because bakers have greater access to high-quality milk, butter and eggs than most stores do. Custom cake makers are also experienced in crafting flavors that marry together perfectly well – sometimes even better than pre-frosted boutique cakes. All of these factors combine to make custom cakes not only visually beautiful but also delicious!  In other words: Store bought cakes provide convenience but custom cakes provide an experience you simply won’t find anywhere else. There is no contest when it comes to flavor!

4. A custom cake is more personal

A custom cake is all about the person or event being celebrated. Designing a custom cake for someone shows you know their tastes, hobbies, loves and favourite things. A custom cake celebrates your event and your loved one. 

5. It’s a healthier choice 

It’s no secret that store bought cake is full of sugar and nasty preservatives. When you choose a custom cake you not only choose the design, but you’ll get to decide what goes into the mix. Whether you’re after red velvet and cream cheese or chocolate and raspberry, you’ll have full control over the flavour and the ingredients.  Sure, store-bought cakes are convenient and often cheaper, but when you really want a cake that looks and tastes amazing, there’s no substitute for a custom-made version. When you order from a bakery or even have one made from scratch at home, you can be sure that only the highest quality ingredients are being used – the freshest flour, real butter instead of margarine, eggs directly from the farm – each element working together to create an unparalleled flavor experience. Plus, with a custom order, you can make sure your finished product looks exactly how you want it: whether that means an intricately designed icing masterpiece or simply buttercream perfection. So if you’re looking for something special on your big day or just want an unforgettable birthday treat, consider skipping the supermarket and having a custom cake made – because you deserve the best.

6. A custom cake matches your theme

Have you ever struggled to find the exact cake you’re looking for? When it comes to putting together a great party, custom cakes are the way to go. You can get a cake that’s designed specifically to match the theme of your event – whether it be a birthday celebration or a wedding anniversary. The baker is able to customise the cake according to your preferences, creating something totally unique and special. Of course, custom cakes take time, but they’re always worth the effort! With custom cakes, you don’t just get something delicious; you also get something memorable – an edible work of art that shows off your creativity as well as your decorating skills. Plus, custom cakes are more visually appealing and often taste better than store-bought ones. No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, custom cakes can provide the perfect grand finale.

Whatever your event theme, a custom cake can be the perfect addition to add the final touches and can be designed to match any party or event theme.

7. It’s hassle free

Designing, baking and decorating a custom cake takes a lot of time. Handing it over to the custom cake experts leaves you more time to focus on the planning (and enjoying) of your special occasion. You can focus on other important things while knowing your custom cake will look and taste amazing and be delivered right to your door.

8. Made to accommodate dietary restrictions

Who doesn’t love a good cake, but when someone has dietary restrictions it can be hard to find the perfect treat to celebrate. Fortunately, custom cakes are an ideal solution for these occasions. You can ask your baker use alternative flours or gluten-free recipes, along with other ingredients that meet the specific allergies of your guests. You can also request for special designs such as characters, geometric shapes, and decorative frosting. Custom cakes can even be made to omit dairy or eggs for those who have vegan diets or for those who prefer animal-free products. Several bakers offer sugar substitutes which not only reduce calories, but also substitute sweetness without sacrificing taste! Of course, all of these options still leave plenty of room for creativity and individual style. At Velvet Lane Cakes you’ll need to call us to see what we can actually accommodate as it’s not always possible to suit your needs, but we’ll do our best to try!‚Äč

Bonus. A custom cake is also a gift

A custom cake can be the perfect gift to show someone you love them and make them feel like special because of the thought you put into it! 

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