Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of cake artists at Velvet Lane Cakes bring your most-loved items to life for those precious moments. To order for your special occasion fill out the form on our create your masterpiece or send us an email at

Like your vision, each cake is unique and requires different amounts of attention, love and time. Pricing starts at $200 for all custom orders.

Art takes time. To ensure we can give your project the attention to detail it needs, all signature orders require 48 hours notice. A minimum of two weeks notice should be given for any custom orders.

The best cakes require the finest ingredients. At Velvet Lane Cakes we use traditional american buttercream on all our creations.

We do our very best to meet dietary requests. We currently provide gluten free cakes, but unfortunately do not offer vegan cakes.

If it’s sweet, we’ve got it. Velvet Lane Cakes also specializes in cupcakes, cakepops, cookies, macarons, rice krispie treats, choux pastry, brownies, donuts, muffins, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, banana pudding, cake truffles.

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